Career move in Logistics

Career move in Logistics

Study an MBA Logistics in English and keep working at the same time. Logistics, Supply Chain, Management and Consulting are the core topics of our programme. More details? Contact via email or call her +49 621 5203-251

What will you explore?

What will you explore?

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The demand for logistics managers with a deep knowledge of modern logistics and experience on an international scale is constantly increasing. The job market requires logistics experts who understand the complexity of the logistics system, who are able to develop innovative logistics strategies and to implement new strategies with their teams and in the interface of different disciplines.


Intercultural competence and international logistics management but also European and international laws and regulations are some of the fields the programme focuses on, because they are decisive particularly for logisticians in „interface areas“ – working across borders, departments and nations. The extra-occupational concept of the studies permits a high practice relationship in the studies and direct application of the method knowledge on cases or on the job.


The focus on Logistics forms the basis for the development of insights, skills and qualifications in the area of logistics. Today, logistics is mostly considered as an operational cross-sectional function across the areas of procurement, operational performance generation (production in the loosest sense) and sales. More specifically, logistics thus is defined as integrated planning (logistics planning), organisation, control, processing and control of the entire material and goods flow – including the connected flows of information.


Responsible positions in the logistics environment require the ability to develop targets and strategies, to put them into practice and to review them in the scope of controlling, develop them or change them where required. This also applies to competences in personnel management. The “Management” knowledge covers all modules and maps all facets of the relevant knowledge. This means that in addition to the business management focus in this area, IT and technology-relevant management knowledge is taught, with a focus on its application.


The area of “Consulting” teaches method knowledge from the consulting area to specifically reinforce the man-to-man interface. The mediation of social competences such as negotiation techniques, intercultural competences and project-management know-how are central parts of the study contents.

The graduates of our Master‘s course of studies are able to independently plan and process logistics projects based on good methods on a higher management level.