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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting

Specific Management Skills

Core Topics: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Industrial- & Organizational psychology.

Goals: Students will be enabled to substantially understand and operationally implement the concept of marketing. They will learn to master the basics of market research and to make use of its results as a basis for decisions, at the same time to see the limits of market research and to consider them in decision making. Finally, they will be able to apply their marketing skills in different market ranges.

Understanding the behavior of others – especially regarding the field of work psychology. The expected result from these findings should be a more appropriate behavior in dealing with other people, which will be relevant and trained during the on-site presence periods. In this course, scientific basics will be conveyed in an application-oriented manner, enabling the students to apply and use these essentials in their day-to-day behavior as decision makers, juniors or seniors. They will also learn to use behavioral scientific competence, which plays a vital role in professional decision making.

Becoming capable of influencing the conduct of someone else requires a certain understanding of their behavior. This knowledge enables students to consciously apply the appropriate tools. For this purpose, additional general psychological findings will be introduced and applied in the field of practical human resource management. Students will recognize that it is basically humans that must be scheduled, selected, procured, developed, allocated and decruited, in order to realize the targets of a business based on laws, labor and employment.