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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting

Logistics Management

Core topics: Lean Management, Logistics Controlling, Supply Chain Management.

Goals: Students will learn to analyze causal connections in logistics and to systematically improve them by means of lean management methods. They will be enabled to decide on the most appropriate lean method and to implement them within counseling projects. Another focus lies on understanding the differences between classic management approaches and the ideas of lean management.

Within the scope of logistics controlling, students will be enabled to systematically apply methods relevant for logistics in a problem-oriented way. Logistics services are usually cross-functional, a fact which leads to a particular connection to processes as well as to difficulty in delimitation, as reflected in cost and performance assessment. The course will also raise students’ awareness for corporate solutions and enable them to create such solutions as a basis for making solid management decisions.

Besides studying practical issues regarding Supply Chain Management, students will be enabled to understand the coherent structures of a business within its environment and to implement business strategies. An interactive business game will introduce the basic principles of the dynamics of supply chains.