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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting

Logistics Consulting

Core topics: Logistics Management Consulting, Project Management, Business Process Management, Knowledge Management.

Goals: The overall goal of the course Management Consulting is to efficiently deal with consulting services along the supply chain. Students will learn to sort characteristic prototypes of challenges in logistics into the segments of (a) transport and traffic, (b) procurement and purchase, (c) logistics engineering and (d) supply chain management and will be enabled to control them as projects or as parts of them. Furthermore, they will learn to recognize and purposefully use modern strategies such as benchmarking or total-cost-of-ownership-approaches as well as tools such as network planning.

The ability to independently, constructively, methodologically and systematically plan and control projects (or parts of projects) in logistics. This includes the proficiency to make reasonable decisions, to assess the consequences of these decisions as well as to critically reflect and dialectically develop them further; finally to be able to deal with criticism and to express criticism in the right spot.

Students will be enabled to apply Business Process Management strategies, including the modelling, analysis, optimization and implementation of the structures of processes. Students will be introduced to best practice approaches for the creation of core processes in consulting, beginning with the first contact to prospective clients and continuing over the accomplishment up until the client satisfaction survey, all focusing on the introduction and application of standard tools and standard products.