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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting

Master's Thesis

The Master's Thesis is usually written in the 4th semester. It can be registered no earlier than when 60 ECTS points of the curriculum are achieved. It must be written in the English language. The students usually suggest a subject to the examining lecturer. From the time the subject and the master's thesis are approved, the students have five months for a theory-based final thesis and six months for a practical one.

Research Competence is anchored in the preparation for the scientific work in the first semester already. Here, you will also get to know the research options of the library of the university of applied sciences and others.

The students will be informed on processes and details of registering, scheduling and writing their final theses in the scope of the residential teaching phases. They will also receive documents on online platforms and are able to contact management if they have any questions about the organisation, or study course management or the examining lecturers if they have any content-related questions – also via OpenOLAT, email, Skype or phone.

The content introduction to the master's thesis is provided in the competence seminar, in which the subjects are discussed in the presence of their colleagues in the subject. Usually the thesis has progressed to about 40 % by then. The students will receive multiple feedbacks on their project here.

The thesis is between 70 and 120 pages at a specified layout. At the end of the studies, there will be a colloquium of 30 minutes in which you will orally defend your thesis. This can be done via Skype as well on request.

Certificate: The certificate contains the grades and credits of the module examinations, the subject and the grade of the master's thesis, as well as the total grade of the exam. You will receive a German version of the certificate as well. The university also issues a Diploma Supplement. Participation in the additional module is indicated in it as well. You will also receive a Master's certificate that certifies that you have earned the Master's degree.

Conclusion: Once a year, we organise an academic graduation celebration in the scope of a meeting of current and former students of the MBA courses of studies in logistics, in which students are honoured and can engage in some personal networking.