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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting

Benefits for Students

There is a large offer of logistics further trainings with Master's degrees. What benefits does our MBA programme offer?

Your benefits as a student:

  • You will have competences to decide, negotiate and act on a leading level in global logistics. How?
  1. By reinforcing international subjects such as Intercultural Competence or International Logistics Consulting. On the other hand, the Lecturers will deal with all subjects under the aspect of the challenges of global logistics. They are experienced practicians and teachers from in and outside of the country, bringing in many examples from their long experience in business and/or research.

  2. The lessons are held 100% in English (from the winter semester 2015 onwards), including the exams and Master's Thesis. You will reinforce your knowledge of the technical language in the different areas and practice its application in consulting and scientific work.

  • You know the world beyond the rim of your tea cup and work with a holistic understanding of the factors and industries that influence and determine the processes in logistics.
    Because we understand and teach logistics interdisciplinarily in Ludwigshafen, because we understand global logistics as long-term sustainable logistics and see its global responsibility. The increasing complexity of logistics requires this due to globalisation and continuous innovations and changes in product, transport and communication technologies, as well as because of social changes such as ecological awareness. Therefore, we have integrated subjects such as soft skills, change management and business ethics into the curriculum as well.
  • You have a broad technical basis, since you are prepared for leading positions as a project or logistics manager as well as for work as a logistic consultant in industry and trade.
    We teach an industry- and border-crossing understanding of logistics, meeting the increasing complexity of logistics - in its cross-sectional function within the company and due to the continuous further development by globalisation and consistent innovation in product, transport and communication technologies. Current subjects such as Green Logistics are discussed and subjects such as soft skills, change management and business ethics are positioned and reinforced in their relevance in management and consulting.
  • You have the courage to make innovative and efficient decisions in a managing position.
    Our teaching is not by lectures but as applied, active learning based on case studies and group work that can be used as a basis when working. We encourage you to reflect, discuss and exchange experiences. Other students will tell you how other companies act in terms of logistics. You will self-confidently learn to walk new paths in logistics
  • You have an up-to-date and well-funded knowledge.
    Because our curriculum is alive. We integrate in the studies what the practice needs. Students will contribute their practical examples and questions from their working environment. Lecturers and partners from practice implement subjects that influence competition and further development of a company in practice at the moment – in coordination with the course of studies management. The subjects of the Master's Theses are discussed as well.
  • You have bundled logistics competence in education and research at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
    Because professors and employees research impulses from science in cooperation with economy and thus innovatively develop integrated solutions for logistics processes and interrelations. They cooperate with an active network of partners from large and medium-sized businesses, organisations and politics. This could also be used as a think tank and network by the participants and graduates for their professional further development. Learn more
  • You will have a compendium of learning materials in logistics.
    How so?
    With the textbooks and workshop papers that are available to you, e.g. digitally, and with your additional research, you will have a technical encyclopaedia that you will have at hand and be able to use any time in everyday life.


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