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MBA Logistics –
International Management & Consulting


The studies are structured in four semesters and comprise eight modules. In the first three terms, the subjects of General Management, Logistics Law, Intercultural Competence & Soft Skills, Intralogistics, Extralogistics, Logistics Management and International Logistics Consulting are covered in seven modules. In the fourth term, module eight 'Research Competence' takes place and the Master Thesis is written and supported. Scientific working skills are taught from the first semester.

Students who start their studies with a bachelor’s degree with 180 ECTS (less than 210 ECTS) are obliged to complete an extra-module no later than by registering their final thesis. From the summer semester 2015 onwards, the additional module 'Specific Management Skills' will also be offered each semester. The content of this module is marketing, human resource management and industrial and organisational psychology. The other students may, of course, sign up for the module additionally if they are interested. For more, see Curriculum.


1This extra-module is compulsory for students whose degree does not state 210 ECTS credits as well as for those without any university degree. Students with a university degree stating 210 ECTS credits may take the extra-module voluntarily. This will be documented on the diploma supplement. This extra-module must be passed before submitting the registration for the thesis.

Didactics & Degree

The didactic concept is based on three core elements:

  • Flexible independent studies by online textbooks and learning materials,

  • Learning together on the online platform OLAT and

  • Periodic sessions of residential teaching with methods of active and reflection-promoting teaching such as case studies, exercises at a digital factory, presentations, group work, etc. 

The examinations are taken during the modules in the form of exams, student papers and/or presentations to replace a technical degree examination. At the end of the studies, students only need to defend their Master's Thesis in a purely oral exam. Thus, the examinations are distributed across all four semesters rather than taking place all in one go at the end of the course of studies.

Target groups

The master's course of studies are targeted at:

  • Professionals who work or would like to work in an international environment on decision-making level (as manager, project manager or logistics consultant) and would like to improve their profiles for this,

  • Persons with an international background and interest, who would like to acquire further qualification in parallel to profession and/or family while staying flexible in place and time,

  • Persons who would also like to use the technical exchange of experience with other professionals and our lecturers to gain insights into solutions and processes of other enterprises.